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If you own an investment property you’ll know one of the secrets to making it work is to find a property manager with the skills and experience to make sure your investment is protected at all times.


We understand that your first priority is to find a property manager who can:


  1. Quickly finding a quality tenant who will look after your property
  2. Ensure you receive your rent on time every time
  3. Will keep you regularly informed about the condition and performance of your investment


If you are looking for a property manager who offers a superior level of service and support then Jim Byrne Real Estate can help.


A family owned and operated business, when you choose Jim Byrne Real Estate to manage your investment property you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are dealing with an industry leader.


For over 30 years Jim Byrne has been one of the most trusted names in Real Estate. Since launching the Property Management division in 2006 Jim Byrne Real Estate has earned the reputation as the most effective and efficient property management firms in the region.


So whether you are:


  • Dissatisfied with the levels of service being offered to you by your current property manager.
  • Tried of trying to manage your investment property by yourself.
  • Are frustrated that property inspections aren’t happening as promised
  • Are sick of tenants falling behind in payments and your property manager doing nothing about it.
  • Have had a bad tenant experience and don’t want to repeat it.
  • Stepping into property investment for the first time and want to make sure you have a positive experience.


Whatever your reason, if you are looking for a property manager who will truly care for your property, seamlessly manage all your property management needs and maintain a strong relationship with your tenants, then Jim Byrne can help.


At Jim Byrne we offer you access to four levels of service so you can choose the one that suits you and your budget.


From simply Maintenance to our complete Diamond Property Management Service, we’ve got you covered.


To discuss which package is right for you, simply call one of our friendly team today on 1300 720 765.

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